Aerial-Cam Low Level Aerial Photography for Archaeology.

Aerial-Cam - Archaeological Photography

Specialist Archaeological and Heritage Photography service, from museum artifacts to on-site low level aerial photography of excavations, historic buildings and ancient monuments. Employing the latest techniques, equipment and software to produce the highest quality evidence photography and 3D visualization of heritage assets.

Professional Archaeological Photography and Aerial Photography Specialists.

Excavations, Historic Buildings, Ancient Monuments, Stratigraphy, Finds - on site or studio

Interior and exterior Mast and remote camera systems, Gigapan, traditional Aircraft.

UK & Worldwide

In 1906 2nd Lieutenant Philip Henry Sharpe photographed Stonehenge from a Royal Engineers' balloon, the results proved how useful low-level aerial photography is for understanding features and structures on the ground. Now in the 21st century Archaeological Photographer (and ex-Royal Engineer), Adam Stanford (MIfA) uses the latest in digital SLR technology and a 22m, 4x4 telescopic mast system for on-site ground based aerial photography, a 15m tri-frame mounted mast for large building interiors and a 9m hand held mast for walking surveys and confined space work.

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